(Alphabetically, A to Z)


 it'll never be what it was...
 it'll always be what it was...

 i lose my breath...
 ...release my form
 i can't get back...
 ...what it is no more...

 ...i'm spinnin' out...

 i catch my breath...
 ...regain my form
 i count what's left...
 ...then count no more

 apart from me...
 ...a part no more
 a part of me...

 ...i'm thinnin' out...


Addict's Attic

 I'm not beautiful
 It's not wrong to say
 I'm not colorful
 At least not today

 I'm holding on to none of it
 And only feeling pain
 I'm holding on to all of it
 Drifting far away

 It's ok now

 I'm not feeling well
 I'm so cold today
 Oh, what I wouldn't do 
 To not feel this way

 And though I'm cold and numb
 It's been so long
 Lonely staring walls
 Rape my head

 I wish it all away now
 I wish it all had meaning
 And I force myself to want it
 Still contemplating feeling feelings

 I raise my hands above my head
 I can't look back
 I'm running
 Running scared
 Can't get far enough
 So, I'll keep running



 before you preach to me your policy, stop and think
 we are not here by ourselves
 you just might rethink your beliefs if you could see
 we are everybody else
 ...we are not alone

 we expect our things, project our ways, behind demoacracy
 entitled, wouldn't you say? 
 in our chauvinistic ways...we isolate, seperate
 look what we've become: an island to the world
 ...we are not alone

 i don't care about where they're from 
 what lines were drawn or the side they're on
 it doesn't matter what skin they don
 everyone here's an alien

 i couldn't care about where your from
 the flag you wave or your native son
 there's no such thing as americans
 everyone here's an alien

 oh, colony...
 set us free...
 save us from dichotomy...


Always In A Crowd

 i'm always in a crowd
 i'm always in a crowd, unseen
 don't bother comin' 'round
 i'm no where to be found
 you see?

 i want to run, run away

 i'm always in a crowd
 hiding in a cloud, you see?
 don't bother comin' 'round
 i'm no where to be found

 i want to run, run away



 How you hold my hand
 How you hold me up
 Time after time

 How you make me laugh
 Even when I'm sad
 How I hurt when you cry

 You help me achieve
 Better versions of me
 You're my friend and my lover
 You pleasure my mind
 You're beauty defined

 How you fill me up
 How you value me
 Time after time

 How you picked me
 How you grounded me
 How I float when you smile

 Don't despair when they do
 Those things that they do
 That make us fell blue
 Don't believe what they say
 Oh, those things that they say
 Cos they can't speak for us

 You make me believe
 That we can achieve
 Anything we can dream to dream
 You're my lover
 My beautiful lover
 You're my best friend
 You pleasure my mind
 You're beauty defined

 You're a beauty
 Oh, you're so beautiful


Bringing Up Dogma

 i believe in whatever they tell me
 they're supposed to take good care of me
 so, i believe in whatever they tell me

 they said,
 "son, just give your life
   to this stranger, jesus christ
    and repent your sins"

 so, a sinner, at the age of three
 i got down on my knees
 and fit in

 "look ma, i fit in!"
 "look, now i fit in!"
 "i fit in!"


Broken Clocks

 I found myself sobbing on the floor
 Reflecting on who I was before
 A broken heap, naked and ashamed
 Of years gone past and choices I had made
 And I was so alone the darkness was afraid
 And left me there to wallow in my pain
 My soul tried to scream 
 As my throat tried to heave
 And all I could do was squeeze myself
 Until the pain drew blood on me
 And just when I thought I'd sink through the floor
 There was your voice saying
 "No, there's more..."
 More to this, more to life
 More to us

 Then I felt the sun beat down on me
 Thawing out the hop that died beneath
 And I used your words to get me on my feet
 And face the day that faced away from me

 Now I call you my friend
 The best of them all
 You made me big
 The smallest of small 
 Because of you I'm 20 feet tall
 And if I believed in a god
 I'd sell it my soul
 Give it my song
 Yes, give it me whole
 Just to give me a chance
 To make you my own again

 I'd give it all for you


By The Way

 I wondered how it'd be
 If everything that you just said
 Had somehow came to be
 And the life I've known 
 Had never been
 I pondered for a while
 Tried to make sense of it all
 The love that you impaired
 With careless words you shared
 Well, I hope you conscience is clear

 By the way
 I almost gave you up
 By the way
 You shouldn't be with me today
 You shouldn't be mine, by the way
 But since we're together today
 Be grateful my mind was changed

 Your burden, now is mine
 It's nothing you can erase
 Out ties, now they unwind
 It's nothing I can replace
 I hope you found relief
 Cos now there's none for me
 A life, now is impaired
 With careless words you shared
 Well, I hope your conscience is clear

 Everyday is another day I know


Chasing Rockets

 pulled our love from out your pocket
 taped it to a rocket
 then you lit the fuse
 blast off!
 i only think to grab on
 pulling limb from socket
 but can't think why i want it anymore

 oh, now i'm floating
 and i can still hear you gloating
 from 62 miles away
 how you got your way
 and weren't you proud of yourself
 now i can feel it building
 pressure in my feeling organ

 shame you couldn't be here
 to watch my heart explode
 i'm in dire straights here
 cos i won't let it go
 i need to let it go

 now i'm falling
 back onto the growing earth
 and i'm just glowing
 smile from ear to ear
 i stretch my arms out
 like a falling angel
 free from fairy tales
 free from all i fear
 oh, now i'm floating
 salted and soaking
 with not a cloud in the sky
 i wondered if i  had died
 and that would be fine
 i'm riding this current freely
 where ever it wants to take me
 i don't care

 i'm free
 i freed me of you
 i just let you go
 i'm done chasing rockets
 i just let you go



 look at the damage we've done
 parading around in our lust
 neglecting the needs of our young
 so the rich can get richer

 look at the wholes that we've dug
 as deep and as dark as our glut
 we barter with daughters and sons
 cos oil is thicker than blood

 when will we repent for the sins of our fathers?
 or is the burden left at the feet of our daughters?
 when will we be free...
 of this greasy machine
 we habitually feed
 as it constantly runs over us?
 look at the wars that we wage
 most of them fueled by our faith
 we wager our children today
 on notions from an ignorant age

 so i scream out to the machine

 mercy, mercy

mercy for the planet we're constantly slaying

mercy, mercy

mercy for the unborn youth we're betraying

oh, give us sweet reprieve

 ...armed with armageddon, we race to our destruction...


Faster takes too long
 why does it take so long?
 it's all too bloody slow...

 better hurry along
 if it ain't done in haste
 then it's being done wrong
 get me faster
 gotta quicken the day
 if you're not getting faster
 then get out of my way
 i need...faster

 i wanna get there
 before i leave
 i need a faster way to go...

 better keep to the beat
 if you can't keep the tempo
 then you can't keep with me 
 moving faster
 yeah, no time for romance
 love me or leave me
 just do it fast as you can
 make it faster

 can't get me to stop
 i won't be content till i'm faster than thought
 what compells me ahead?
 feels like my life is in the way of my death...



 it could've been a monday instead
 i could've been at home in my bed sleeping
 dreaming of a life that i just missed
 you could've met a man worth meeting
 good enough to let you forget me
 deserving of a life that i once left

 our vow could've been unwritten
 another love lost to the spectrum
 but it wasn't... 

 i don't know how we came here
 it must be fate


The Garden

 there's nothin but blue skies in your eyes
 won't you tend my garden, love?
 so full of sunshine and surprise
 and we're just getting started, love...

 see the innocence drip from your face
 what was left was taken and replaced
 feel my stomach tremble as i quake
 my garden....

 you were filling holes
 i was in your garden
 not a soul was told
 i was in your garden

 i was in the garden

 pulling flowers from your bed
 i lay down in, uproot your inner sense
 in bloom, I leave the room
 with you, forever...

 i was digging holes
 i was in the garden
 doing what was told
 i was in your garden

 i was in the garden

 you were filling holes
 reaping what you sowed
 digging in your soil
 i was so alone


Forever My Heart Goes

 They will say that all the world is grey
 So let the day unfold the same
 Well, I embrace the thoughts I make
 And you cannot take them away from me

 And so, I carry on
 Through the depths of the unknown
 That has taken me from home
 And my favorite TV show
 And the sounds
 Of the people that I know
 Here, forever my heart goes

 Will she say that everything has changed
 And I should keep the day at bay
 Well, I can take away the pain
 If I can find that vain again

 And I can't believe I've gone
 To the depths of the unknown
 Will I ever make it home?
 To my favorite TV show
 And the cast
 Of the people that I've stoned
 Here, forever my heart goes

 For all the things I've known
 For the fear of growing old
 I could never be alone
 If I never make it home
 To your smile
 And my favorite TV show
 There's something you should know
 There, forever my heart goes


Get Right (A Ballad of Weight & Retribution)

 i've got a pocket full of reckoning

 and i can't wait to share it

 can you hear that day a beckoning?

 oh, you will soon, i swear it

 thought i would crumble and fall

 you really don't know me at all

 doesn't matter how long it takes

 it's coming sooner or later...

 the day that we get right

 twisted minds secured my omission

 was it worth the crooked price of admission?

 well, i'm tellin' you we're gonna get straight

 and you're not gonna like it...

 the day that we get right


In Passing

 i've been standin' outside your door
 for quite some time
 can't get the strength to go inside
 i never thought i'd see you like that
 so, here i am
 standing out here 
 with my hands hiding my eyes

 well, maybe i'm a fool
 or just naive
 or maybe my love for you 
 has crippled me
 or maybe i'm just scared
 of the unknown
 what life is with you gone
 please stay with me

 cos if you go now
 it wouldn't be fair
 if you go now
 there'd be nothing more to share
 please don't go

 what does it mean, this time that we spend?
 why do we keep breaking hearts we have mended?
 why must we make what we cannot maintain?
 our human relations are hardly humane


It's You

 i've been thinkin' 'bout my life lately, angie
 how have i made it through?

 countless times i survived my intentions
 but left all else abused  

 yeah, there's nothing to confess
 you know that i'm a mess
 yet still, it's me you choose

 i'm nothing more than a wreck in progress
 how am i still any use?

 it's you ...
 it's you, and only you

 short of you, it's devine intervention
 but god knows, i've cut him loose

 there can be only one explanation
 for how i'm still any use

 how could i ever need you more?
 how could i've been so blind before?
 what would i ever leave you for?
 you're everything that's good


Kutting Cord

 what can i do?
 what can i say?
 can’t bloody move
 without you crowding the way
 how can you live with yourself acting like this?
 well you should be shamed
 but you think it’s okay
 still, not your fucking dog
 not your dress up doll
 and i’m not you…
 hey, could you gimmie a break?
 get the hell out my face
 let me make my own way
 i’m so tired and sick
 of what you have to say
 i’m not a pawn for you to play
 you lie to keep your promises
 your arrogance: a pestilence …
 i sever 
 (what can i do?)
 your tether
 (what can i do?)
 seems like all my choices are up to...
 (kutting cord)
 what makes you think my choices are up to...
 (kutting cord)
 how could you think my choices are up to you?!

 i don’t want to be you!


Love My Crazy

 come love, give us closure
 i've lost all composure
 i've been pacing for days

 lost in leg propulsion
 intractable convulsions
 you're my one saving grace

 relax rigidity
 and mute this symphony
 that drives me mad

 i'm crazy for you, love
 cos you love me and my crazy

 come, hush the storm in me
 i'm soaked in anarchy
 it's always calm when you're near
 my damned insanities
 you'd be right to leave
 but you're still here

 i'm crazy for you, love
 cos you love me and my crazy

 it's a funny sensation
 i finally got something right
 how are we still relation?
 have you completely gone and lost your mind?
 well, it happens to me all the time


Motions Steady

 can never focus
 a prisoner to the song
 it's always playing
 can't ever turn it off
 and it breeds

 i can't control it
 this energy inside
 it's so explosive
 whenever i excite
 legs will pace
 hands will shake

 short of convulsive
 i lose all sense of time
 so where i'm noticed
 i bottle it inside
 it manifests
 your prejudice

 gotta keep my motions steady
 can't let you see the freak within
 don't want to brave another wave
 of your degrading grins
 now all that i do
 is keep still for you, see?
 always with my motions steady


My Iceberg

it's easy to abandon it

but impossible to leave

i'm careful not to damage it

in my efforts to appease

and keep it's disadvantages

hidden where i...

...i can show you just enough

the rest i'll keep below

maybe it's anatomy

or maybe just my soul

and the more that i submerge

the less i have to know

reasons why i love myself

reasons why i don't

i can bed it but it seldom rests

when it rests it seldom sleeps

it keeps me out in front of them

but always at my feet

and after it's been nice and fed

it leaves me on my knees

can't be with me, without you

all by myself but not alone

how i heed

how i feed

how i please

how i need

my iceberg



 i'm feelin' like an oxymoron
 i cannot put my words to page
 a nudist with all of his clothes on
 a mental studder on display

 how come i can't get it out?
 the words that i want you to know
 what am i tryin' to say?
 can't find the arrows for my bow

 you've been invited
 inside of my head

 i'm feelin' like an oxymoron
 a prison missing all its gates
 a clueless gumshoe for an ex con
 a deaf, mute singer on a stage

 what will i say to them now?
 can we not talk about the show?
 would they see me again
 if i walked out and headed home?

 i'd really like to stay
 if i could tell my brain
 that everything's ok here
 understand, most days
 i can cope
 but right now?
 i just gotta go...

 i hope you liked it
 inside of my head



 i see your face with every urgent breath
 any place, any time
 i lose my soul with every glance i get
 i know your scent like i know mine

 i rape your thoughts, take your dignity
 i undress you with my eyes
 i think of ways for you to pleasure me
 where no one would here your cries

 i crushed the voice of sanity
 and hid you deep inside of me
 i'd choke and angel for her wings
 to keep you hidden here with me
 i'd shake the world for you to see
 there's no one else for you but me
 if, not together, we would be
 i'd take the life from you and me

 and i'll impose my will
 till you will see
 we are one
 in time
 you will feel
 how i feel
 perfect love


Political Gangster

 well, i guess it's no surprise
 every word is touched with lies
 should've gauged your charming smile
 as cunning, cold, and vile

 you offer protection
 from their point of view
 but what's really needed
 is protection from you

 political gangster
 fed with the rich
 till your pockets got fat

 political gangster
 promising this
 delivering that


There Is A Fire

 i'm in a fight with flawless
 so, i've already lost
 but i'll stay inside the ring
 no matter the cost
 i keep chasing perfect
 all haste and no rest
 i persue with no relent
 an impossible get

 i've been searching for something
 to justify my leave
 something to reach in
 and pull me from these flames
 how they burn...

 there is a fire
 out of control
 it's benign desire
 but it's burnin' out my soul's burnin' out my soul...



 stop, thief
 give it back to me
 what's supposed to be
 what you stole from me
 return it
 what you took from him
 what you've slighted him
 make it right again
 ...and give it back

 then you can go to hell

 enough's enough
 give it back to us
 what was meant for us
 what you've robbed us of
 give it back

 then get away from here
 get away from us
 get away from me 
 get away from him

 you go straight to hell


The Wait

 Isn't that the quarter that you stole
 To pay back the dollar that you owe
 Wasn't that your smile in the firing line
 One step further, fall behind
 And you wait

 Now the one consoled has just let you know
 That all your lies are gone
 And now there's something wrong

 Fall from flight
 Say goodnight
 And you almost lost your mind
 No will to fight
 Can't stand your sight
 You know that mirrors never lie

 Isn't that your money that you smoked
 And one more story that you told
 And you wait

 Now you're feeling high, but you left behind
 All the ones you love
 But still you laugh it up

 Fall from flight
 Say goodnight
 And you almost lost your life
 No will to fight
 Can't stand your sight
 You know that mirrors never lie

 We only wait in vain


What A Mess

 i got a feelin' that my gut reaction
 is bringin' you down
 and expectations of your pity social
 are starting to drown
 i can tell by your changing face
 you're wanting to shout
 and my lack of sympathetic notion
 is gutting you now...
 my god, friend
 what a mess you're in
 and how it comforts you
 it's a fine fix
 you've put me in
 and it tears me in two

 thought my words would be of someone else
 someone you once knew
 well, i could see how his familiar face
 had you confused

 my god, dear
 why'd you bring me here
 with so much to lose
 y'all's a house of cards
 on a tinder box
 and you're lighting fuses

 with a little truth
 and a little pause
 we can see affect
 if we can see the cause

 don't get it confused
 you are what you choose
 you're the one responsible for you

 my god, friend
 what a fuckin' mess
 and there's no helping you...